Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.



Yeah, it was unusual to see Hot Rod having to act as the point. Poor kid. Its not his strong suit, but the main ball handler on the team was out sick on Saturday. I'm thinking Hot Rod was probably wishing he had been after this game.
Also odd to see Army of Dad as the coach for basketball. Its the one sport he doesn't coach the kids in. But, the two coaches were both going to be out of town. Since AoD is at all the practices helping, they asked him to step in.
If you look at the two orange kids, Hot Rod is the shorter one in the center of the frame. Check out the kid in the blue with the green t-shirt underneath. Yeah. He's an 11-year-old who is as taller or taller than my 5-foot 10-inch husband. Yeah, really.
And, this was how Hot Rod spent much of the game - on the floor. First, the tall kid kneed him in the head with his stork legs and then some little fat kid on the other team punched him in the neck. Ok, it was a forearm elbow to the neck, but it was intentional. I saw the kid going after him as Hot Rod was dribbling down the court. It was pretty brutal. Hot Rod wheezed and rasped all weekend afterward. Good thing we're playing church league basketball (note my sarcasm).


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