Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Ready? Ok!

My cheer squad is called the Cuties and it is definitely an appropriate name. They really are about as cute as little gals can be. Here I am trying to coach them on our half-time cheer so no one stands out there blankly.
And, a sideline cheer is always good.
Getting ready to run out for halftime. The girls are introduced individually as we line up. Little Bit was ready to do a cartwheel.
The cartwheel needs a little work, but its actually pretty cute to see her try.
And halftime on the court. So very very cute.
This is Little Bit's BFF with the ball. It was fun to get to cheer for her.
And, post-game, the girls posed for a quick photo. How cute is that?


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