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Go Mean Green!

Little Bit has been chomping at the bit all season long to get picked to go out and do the Mashed Potato with the North Texas Dancers and Scrappy. Tonight was her lucky night.
Starting out in the middle of the girls was pretty cute.
My baby is the one in the UNT shirt. Of course, she was the only little girl out to really "shake 'em down."
She can mashed potato and do the twist.
She can jump around and make her hair fly, too.
And, then Scrappy had to come hang out with her for a few moments. All that Mash Potato-ing musta been tiring.
She is the sassiest little ball girl around.
Josh White hit his 1000th point tonight. That was exciting to see.
And, as always, I like to watch the beauty in motion.
He was doing a lot of ball handling tonight.
I think he finished with five points in the Mean Green victory.
And, defense is always fun to watch. He may have actually escaped getting more than a foul or two tonight, as well. That is unusual for him. He's pretty aggressive. Good stuff. No more games till the 16th, dammit.


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