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Tiny Dancer

Today was Little Bit's dance recital. It was too cute. Her tap routine was done to Michael Jackon's "Beat It." I loved it except that the dance teacher combined one of the little kid classes with Little Bit's class. So, she wound up in the back row and I could barely see her. *sigh*
But, occasionally, I got a really good angle at her. How cute is that?
But, what stole the show for me was her paquita ballet performance. Here she is with a friend before the show. These are some pretty little girls.
She loved the flower in her hair.
And, she doesn't have a shy bone in her body. She loves hamming it up and performaing.

This ballet had some adorable little dance moves in it, too.

Very pretty ballerina.

And, of course, every gorgeous ballerina deserves flowers after her performance. This little ballerina is no exception to the rule.


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