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Ringing in the New Year

Army of Dad and I rang in the New Year at home on Thursday evening with some friends and The Boondock Saints. Very nice and laid back. (cheap, too). The little kids went to stay with my folks in the sticks. We went down on New Year's Day to retrieve them. My kids, of course, were wandering around the back 40 and having a blast when we got there. Papa was persuaded to give Little Bit a wheel barrow ride around the yard, too. She has on her hearing protection (on her ears) because brother was doing a science experiment that involved shooting. I consider wearing the hearing protection around the house so I don't have to listen to the kids. :)
The kids were treated to a New Year's Day visit from Santa Claus (who was held back from his traditional Christmas Eve visit because of bad weather). Look at the smiles on Little Bit's face (and my mom's!!!). I'm not sure which of them enjoyed this more.
Out in the back pasture and junk area of my folks' house, Santa came out to the shooting range to drop off a few gifts he forgot to deliver to the kiddos.
I love the smiles on Little Bit's face. Her new pink boots were put to good use this week. Her french braids are courtesy of a baby sitter (the older sister of one of Hot Rod's best friends). And, I like her pink side arm and holster.
And, Pickle and Uzz pose for a quick shot on New Year's. Uzz is in Phoenix this weekend. He'll be shooting the Fiesta Bowl for TCU. Too cool, huh? I asked him to bring me back a shirt.


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