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Crafty Kind of Christmas

Almost two weeks ago (yeah, I know I'm really behind), Little Bit and Hot Rod got to paint gourds for Christmas tree ornaments at a free library program. A local gardening club grew the gourds and prepared them for the children to paint. It was really neat and even Hot Rod got into it.
He managed to charm one of the ladies into helping him.
And despite his best efforts to act cool, he actually enjoyed it.
Little Bit, too, managed to get lots of women helping her out, as well.
She also told the Big Guy, provided by Wells Fargo, what she wanted for Christmas. She decided just a few weeks ago that she'd like to have a Nintendo DS. Well, that ain't happening. Santa, thankfully, told her that his elves in Taiwan were working overtime and he wasn't sure they'd have enough for everyone. She made a list today that she wants me to deliver to another of Santa's helpers. :)


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