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The nut has been cracked

Now that the Nutcracker performances are over, I'm a feeling a little bittersweet. It is amazing how much pride we (as parents) have for the simplest things our children do. Hot Rod was the tail-end of the dragon. All I could see was his little black-socked feet jostling along, but I still welled with pride.
Here is a mix of the dragon parts and toy soldiers waiting for their collective turns to perform.
Pretty little Baby Buffoons (AKA polchinelles) and the Pixies before their performance.
Beautiful pixie before the show.
Pickle, Little Bit and Hot Rod each got a Nutcracker as a souvenir of the day.
Granny & PaPa came to watch the show today. Pickle, Little Bit and Hot Rod enjoyed the day, too.
And, the ever-elusive Army of Mom is actually in a photo with the children. Wow. Three beautiful trophies I have for all of the hard work I've put into these wonderful children. I'm so proud of them.


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