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Happy 70th Mom!

Today will be my mom's 70th birthday. I've been fortunate to have her around for this long. From lifelong heart problems - including open heart surgery in November 2007 - to breast cancer in 1989. The stroke in 2005 wasn't an easy recovery either. But, through it all, she has kept on kicking and stayed mean as ever.
I was lucky to have her fly out to San Francisco to sitesee with me after a work trip just after my birthday last month. We had a great time and I am blessed we got to do that together.
Tonight, she is coming out to see a UNT basketball game with us. Not sure if it was her way of celebrating this milestone, but it appropriate for our family to celebrate with sports. So, I guess if she's happy, its all good.
So, here's to you, Mom. I hope you have many more years ahead of you.


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