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Merry Collin-mas!

Yes, Virginia. There is a Collin Mangrum. And, this is our Merry Collinmas gift to you. I thought this first shot was super cool with the ball actually in the frame. I still take more bad shots than good ones, but every now and then I get a good one. I like this one.
Tonight was my mom's 70th birthday and fortunately, she didn't mind celebrating at a Mean Green basketball game. I come from a sports-loving family, so it is all good. Plus, I got my voice back, so I could heckle again. The last two games have been painful for me without the ability to yell at the refs.
Yeah, just a good pic. No. 3 for Texas Southern - his name is Junior Treasure. Ahh, the jokes I wanted to share. But, he sank some nice shots.
Collin started tonight, which was super cool for the super fans. :) Played well, too.
I was shocked to see him lose a ball because his ball-handling skills are awesome, but when you look here, it is sort of easy to see why he lost the dribble - easy to do when the dude has ahold of your arm!
Super Sweeper Girl. Too precious.
Two words: leg muscles. Yeah. Enough said.
Such a good defensive player. Hard to believe, but he didn't have a foul tonight.
Little Bit was so excited to encounter one of the cheerleaders before the game. She even got to hold her pom-pons. She was in heaven.


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