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Gotta Love Texas Sports

I was talking to my honey and mentioning that I hated that UNT was going to play as the same time as the Cowboys on Saturday night because the Super Pit was going to be empty. So, guess what the brilliant folks at UNT did? They moved up the games on Saturday. Smart people.

DENTON, Texas (1/5/10) - The North Texas basketball home games on Saturday, Jan. 9 have been moved to 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. to allow NT fans to enjoy the Mean Green and the Dallas Cowboys.

And, on Thursday, the Cajun folks were smart enough (miracles never cease) to move up the basketball game so the National Championship (go Longhorns!) won't interfere with folks attending (or listening on the radio in my case - for listening live on the radio) to the game.

Woo Hoo. I can get my football fix AND my Mean Green basketball fix twice this week. I may have to rub down the goosebumps.

Speaking of goosebumps ... I had a quality dream last night. Dreamed I was 20 again (wouldn't THAT be nice?) and on a cruise (I'm on a boat, mutha f.. well never mind about that). And, all my friends were there from high school (must be all the Facebooking with them) and there was an NCAA basketball tournament going on (yes, on the ship. It was a dream, people, work with me.)

Well, I got a kiss in my dream from a dreamy basketball player and I was dancing around and being silly. One of the funniest parts of the dream was that I wanted to call my parents and tell them that McDreamy Tall Boy kissed me. I always dated basketball players in high school, never baseball or football. And, it was really silly for the 62-inch tall gal to take boys who were never shorter than 6'4. It was pretty awesome, though. Loved tall guys. Of course, I was boy crazy, so I loved all boys. Tried dating a 5'4 tall soccer player. That didn't last long.


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