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Sci-fi Comic Con

Wow. He is soooo good looking. And, he was really funny and very friendly. I was thrilled to get my 2 minutes with Sean Patrick Flanery at the sci-fi/comic con a couple of weeks ago.
He did a little Q&A, which was very entertaining. I enjoyed learning more about Boondock Saints and SPF.

Ahhhh, he was very handsome, too.
And, I turned all fan girl. I can't help it. I revert to a 15-year-old girl in these situations.
Pickle and the superhero girls. He was loving life.
And a Paul McCartney action figure. Okey dokey, son.
With Tiny Sulu.
And, some Justice League booby girl. I gave myself more cleavage to try and compete.
Pickle and little Edward Scissorhands. Lots of fun, as usual.


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