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Sunny Days

Little Bit Weathergal had a ball on her field trip today. She loved having mama all to herself. Ok, she had to share me with a few classmates, but it was all good.
Five kids for me. That is a good size and this teacher didn't give me a hellion to wrangle. Has to be the first time I chaperoned on a field trip when I wasn't given the class troublemaker to watch.
They were loving the sculpture of the scientist. I love Blondie's pose. Too cute.
And, the pensive face of Little Bit. She was still a bit bummed about one of the boys demolishing her block creation earlier. I just thought this was so cute. She looks like my baby here and not such a big girl. I like that.
And, me, pre-haircut. Pickle took this of me tonight. Come mid-morning Friday, 10 inches of hair is coming off for Locks of Love. I'm nervous!!!!


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