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Happy Father's Day

I'm truly blessed to have many wonderful fathers in my life. My husband is one of the most involved dads I know when it comes to his children. This was three years ago when his dad came to visit and Grandpa got out and helped coach Hot Rod's baseball team at this game. How cool is that for a kiddo?

And, then there is my daddy. I don't think I could have had a better dad. And, my children are certainly blessed to have him in their lives. He is the reason I wanted Pickle. Dad had a scare and wound up with angioplasty. That sort of pushed me into motherhood. All I could think was that I wanted my children to know this wonderful man. So, it was that moment in time that made me want children for the very first time.
My daddy was always coaching my softball team and I know my kids will always remember Army of Dad and all he does for them. They are such truly wonderful memories. I chose well. My mom tells me often (in both good and bad moments) how much Army of Dad reminds her of my daddy. I think that's high praise.
And, then, there's Uzz. He and his son have a bond that I'm truly jealous of. I'm not sure they couldn't be better friends.

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful men in my life. And, happy day to all the dads in the world.


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