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All of these things are just like the others

I'm sensing a trend here. Let me post some pictures and see if anyone else notices what catches my fancy. What do Ed Speelers (Eragon), William Moseley (Peter in the Chronicles of Narnia) and former UNT Mean Green fan favorite Collin Mangrum all have in common? Yeah, the tousled blond hair and big, full, luscious, pouty (wait, what was I saying? I got distracted) oh yeah, lips.
I'm listening to Eragon on audiobook while driving around and it conjured up images of the tasty (and now legal) Ed Speelers and that got me to thinking about the very handsome (and also now legal) Peter from the Chronicles of Narnia, which then led me to Collin Mangrum. *sigh* I won't be seeing him this fall since he's transferring to SMU, but I do foresee some red, white and blue Mustang gear and games penciled in on my daytimer.

Yeah, so sad to see the cute boy go, but what can you do? I guess I'll have to ogle other fellas. What I find really amusing here is that I almost exclusively dated dark-haired guys. I never dated blond boys. Ok, I take that back, I dated a few, but it just never meshed well for whatever reason. Maybe thats why they catch my fancy now. It is that whole never had it thing. Alas ...


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