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Fight Night

Does anyone else wanna start singing "hello, is it me you're looking for?" This dude looks just like Lionel Richie to me. He was the one clapping the wood things and then ringing the bell during the boxing matches. Where was I, you ask? Army of Dad and I were able to go to The Real Estate Council's Fight Night fundraiser event. I think tickets were $650 a piece. We didn't pay that since I was working. That was before I had about four cosmos. Best part, my company is working a deal with a hotel right across the street from where the event was and we got a hotel night comped, so we drove about three minutes to get to our hotel room instead of the long trek back to the burbs.
The guys were loving the ring girls and our waitresses in hot pants, low cut blouses (no bras) and hot pants. You could see the eyes moving (of the guys with dates) and the necks craning of the dateless dudes. This would have been the ideal place to pick up a guy. 1,000 people there and I suspect 60 percent were men.

I was shocked to really enjoy the boxing matches. There were three of them as the featured entertainment (along with casino games and a live band). This one featured Abraham Han (from El Paso). He whipped this poor kid's ass. I think it was only three or four rounds and ended in a TKO.
Not sure what the 620 stood for, but the scenery was pretty nice to look at amongst the boxers. Although we had dudes that I outweighed, which is always disturbing to me.
We got vouchers with our tickets (which were comped since I was "working" covering the event for my publication) for $100 in chips a piece. I gave mine to Army of Dad. He was doing great until I showed up.
This match was pretty gruesome. The dude in white, Alicio Castenade from Cut and Shoot, Texas (swear to God, I'm not making that up) won. He had Jesus Rodarte's blood all over him. Jesus got cut early above his left eye and was bleeding all down Alico's back and trunks. By the end of the match, he had this giant goose-egg over his left eye. I kept fearing he was going to explode.
Great muscle tone. Was weird to watch these guys after watching my kids do karate. The guy in white didn't keep his guard up, but he was getting the best of the other guy in spite of it.
If you click on this pic, you can see the goose-egg on the dude in the black trunks. Ick.

And, here we are. My honey cleans up really well in his new suit. Me? I am wearing the same cocktail dress I've been wearing since 2000. Although I guess it says something that I can still get it on! Not as roomy as it once was, but hey, I'll take my accomplishments however I can. I did get some nice compliments from fellow business writers there. That was refreshing.


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