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I've been a bad blogger. Some of it has been this stupid Blogger migration process totally ticking me off. One of my wonderful IT friends moved everything for me and set everything up. Unfortunately, Blogger has flubbed up the migration of all of my archive photos. No idea what to do or if they'll ever come back. We have submitted requests to them and I guess we're in line behind the other 3,249 bloggers who the same thing has happened to. And, as it is, I can barely figure anything out. Last time I tried to blog and move something, the whole damn thing disappeared. So, I just gave up. So anyway. You can see where I've been and why I haven't been blogging. Anyway. I got drafted by Army of Dad to help pitch for Little Bit's coach-pitch team. *sigh* I soooo did not want this job, but I want to help the kids and they all seem to like having me as a pitcher. That's Little Bit catching one inning. She's so darn cute. She's getting better, too.
Hot Rod has had ups and downs. Fortunately more ups than downs. His team is in second place in their division. That's him on the mound. He does ok. Had a stand up double with two RBIs in a come-from-behind win on Saturday afternoon. That was nice to see.

Little Bit won her sparring match on Sunday, making it eight in a row that she's won. That's here in the red headgear on the right. She got the kick in before the girl jabbed at her. Hooray.
She left her chest wide open here, but fortunately got the kick in before the girl could get to her.

Here she is with her first place medal. She was very excited.

Pickle won his kata again for the second time in a row after never placing in any of his previous attempts. Has been a confidence builder for him. And, with his first place trophy, below.
Army of Dad and the little kids replacing our dead peach tree. Was so sad that the bugs got into it last year. So, we put in a nectarine tree. Hopefully, it will thrive. So, I'll try not to be quite so missing in action, but no promises.


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