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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Testing, Attention Please

Feel the tension soon as someone mentions me. Here's my 10 cents, my two cents is free.

Yes, I'm singing Eminem (aka Marshal Mathers aka Slim Shady).

I'm checking to see if this works and migrated ... one of my friends took over for me last night after I burst into tears at the prospect of having to move the entire blog. Long story, but Blogger instituted changes and the techno-idiot that I am was quite overwhelmed.

So, here is the cookie bouquet from the UNT basketball banquet last week. Very very cute, but according to my children, not very tasty. The oldest and youngest each had one bite. The middle kid, no idea. His food disappears at lunch every day whether he eats it or gives it to a friend (despite my protestations to bring back what he doesn't eat). *sigh*

Ok, lets see if this works.


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