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Going to OKC

Sunday, we spent a few hours hanging out at the Pourhouse in Denton with the most avid Mean Green basketball team fans. Everyone was waiting anxiously to see if UNT would play in Oklahoma City or New Orleans. Anywhere else and there wouldn't be too many fans going to The Dance. The players were waiting anxiously as the tournament announcements started.
The coaches and athletic director were a little anxious, too.
Scrappy, of course, is good for our nerves. He's actually featured in an ESPN News commercial for March Madness. They had a shot of him making a "snow angel" with the confetti during the SBC championship celebration.
Little Bit amidst the pretty girls.
And, the team gets the news they're going to OKC to face No. 2 seed Kansas State.
My favorite player and his wonderful parents. These are some of the sweetest people I've met. And, they're such a good looking family. I mean, like cover of Family Living good looking. Gees.
And, he's going to kill me for this. He refuses to smile for pictures, but when Little Bit picked up a camera to take his photo, he couldn't help but smile for her. I love it. Soooo cute. And, I got the bonus farewell - a hug from both Mangrum men at the same time. My heart almost stopped beating. Army of Dad told me to wipe the drool off my chin. :)
And, yeah, I made him laugh. Maybe not as much as Army of Dad's taunts and jeers at the refs. Collin admitted that he has to fight a chuckle when AoD goes to town on the refs and other teams.

And, the family pic with our favorite Eagle. We were missing Pickle. :(


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