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Beyond Offensive

I'm all about dark humor. I mean, tomorrow The Boondock Saints' All Saints Day comes out. That is a black comedy/action/adventure type movie and the premise is pretty dark - two brothers kill bad guys in a righteous effort to rid the world of these criminals. Ok, killing in the name of God and then saying a prayer when you execute someone - dark. Yes. Funny? Oh hell yes. (pun intended)

But, when I see Abe the Aborted Fetus trade paperback book, I thought I was going to throw up. That is beyond distasteful. It is obscene.

"Obscene" speech is "unprotected" speech as ruled by the Supreme Court. "Unprotected speech," means speech that does not enjoy First Amendment protection and may even be criminal to express. In 1964, Justice Potter Stewart tried to explain "hard-core" pornography, or what is obscene, by saying, "I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced . . . [b]ut I know it when I see it . . . "

This quote, and the intent behind it, is well known as summarizing the irony and difficulty in trying to define obscenity. For at least fifty years, the Supreme Court has been struggling with defining what speech is obscene, according to Judith Silver at

For me, it is offensive, obscene, disgusting - you name it. They're poking fun at a baby created by two people and then tossed away like the day's supper leftovers down the garbage disposal.

I'm appalled and sickened and very angry at Facebook for thinking this would be an ad that I would be interested by. It actually popped up on my Facebook profile page in the ads on the side. "Resistance is fetal" the headline read. Really? You're going to use my beloved Star Trek to promote your disgusting effort to entertainment? What-the-eff-ever. I almost didn't write this post because I don't want to give this piece of crap any publicity, but it deserves to be ridiculed and exhibited for its twisted efforts. Gross, guys. And, let me just say that karma is a bitch. I'm not sure how this will turn around and bite you on the ass, but let me assure you, it will. Just the way the world works. I firmly believe when we do something stupid like this, it comes back at you ten-fold. I almost feel sorry for these creator-schmucks.

I said, almost.


  • At 12:31 PM, March 08, 2010, Blogger El Capitan said…

    I have to admit, that's pretty sick. IMHO, however, it fails to reach the level needed to disallow First Amendment protections. No matter how scurrilous or tasteless the object in question is, unless it provokes an immediate, palpable threat to the public (like yelling "FIRE!" in a crowded theater) it deserves to exist, no matter how much it makes me want to retch.

    The First Amendment is the absolute cornerstone of our society, and after watching the libtards slippery-slope their way into restricting our freedoms, I just cannot allow the Camel of Censorship to stick his nose under the Freedom of Expression tent. Once that bastard starts worming its way in, before you know it we'll be locking up folks for the "obscenity" of protesting Sharia Law, or promoting eating meat, or advocating drilling for oil in Alaska.

  • At 1:39 PM, March 08, 2010, Blogger Mo K said…

    Christ, that is just about the most disgusting concept for a comic that I can imagine. I saw they had a "Contact Us" link, and I did. Not that they'll give a damn, they're obviously morally bankrupt anyway.

  • At 1:59 PM, March 08, 2010, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Yeah, I agree with both of you. It is free speech and is allowed, but it is disgusting. I'd be ashamed to be associated with such a publication.


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