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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Welcome home, SBC Champs!

This picture came from the local paper. I love the celebration shots. These guys are sooo happy. But, the best part to me is that Collin is smiling in a photograph! The man won't smile to save his life in a picture even though he's so damned cute it gives me cavities. I can't help but grin and blush when I look at that boy. But, this picture just makes my heart swell with pride for these guys who have worked so hard and come so far - to the Dance. Can't wait for the NCAA announcement on Sunday. I really want to go to a game. We're hoping they get Oklahoma City or New Orleans for a location to play.
Another shot of Collin smiling as he gets off the bus to the greeting from teammate Kedrick Hogans, who I guess didn't make the trip because of his injuries this season. What a shame. He's such a big part of the team.

This is such a precious picture. You can just see the affection Coach Jones has for his superstar and how much Josh wants to crawl under a rock like "aww, coach, come on, stop rubbing my head."
I love Hot Rod's expression in this one. He could not believe how tall George Odufuwa is. There is a reason why he's such a good rebounder, kiddo!
George getting interviewed by local ABC sports guy, George Riba.
Collin getting interviewed by the DRC. He is the only member of this team who played in the 2007 NCAA tournament when he was a freshman (he was red-shirted last year because of injuries). I still can't figure out how this reporter took notes holding his notebook that hight. I mean, wouldnt' your pen run out of ink? And, the reporter must be pretty tall, too, since Collin is like 6'5. Yeahhhh, 6 feet and 5 inches of beautiful young man with those pouty lips ... tousled hair blowing in the wind ... wait, what was I saying again? Yes, yes. He played back in 2007 when the team faced Memphis (which was ranked No. 1 or 2 at the time). UNT hung with them really well in the first half, but couldn't keep it up. But, they made a great showing. We welcomed them team back home then, too.
The spirited maintenance guy (at least I think thats his job) at the Super Pit. He was always fun at the basketball games doing the moonwalk with Scrappy.
UNT star point guard Josh White with the kids. Yeahhhh, he's 5'10. Uh-huh. Pickle is 5'2. So, yeahhhh. *winking* He's 5'10. But, you know what? Doesn't friggin' matter. The dude is awesome with the rock.
Pickle, Scrappy and the self-choking guy (seriously, he looks like he having some sort of issue back there).
And, fan favorite Collin Mangrum. Every time he does something awesome, the radio guys and the local DRC reporter will call him "Fan Favorite Collin Mangrum." And, he is. The crowd loves it when the white boy steals the ball, makes a fast break and slams it down or lays it up gently. He was sweet to stop for a second and talk to the kids and give his Cougar Crush the thrill of her day. I didn't get just one, but TWO Mangrum hugs. Oh yeah, uh-huh, *dancing a little jig.* Yep. I can cross that one off my to-do list now. The hug, that is. *wink*
Sunday, we'll be at the Pourhouse (or wherever they finally decide it will be) for the NCAA announcement watching party.
P.S. Little Bit has her Flat Stanley in all the pics, too. She wanted sooo badly for Collin to hold her Flat Stanley for a photo. And, Hot Rod's hero worship for him continues to grow. I still think he grew his hair out so he could toss it like Collin while he runs down the court.


  • At 9:35 AM, March 12, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I know my kids are mostly grown so I may have missed the reference. But what the eff is a "Flat Stanley"?
    Joey ran first in the mile and 2 mile in the Brewer track meet. Even his girlfriend got 1st in her 2 mile. It was a good day. Dion

  • At 11:11 AM, March 12, 2010, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Here is a link about Flat Stanley.

    The idea is this paper doll goes to do interesting things and different places and the kids write about it. It is a fun way to get the kids writing and developing those skills in a way that is exciting to them. She was thrilled to take Flat Stanley with us to welcome home the Mean Green.

  • At 4:43 PM, March 22, 2010, Blogger Elle said…

    I had SO forgotten about Flat Stanley until I read it in your blog. I don't want to think how many years it's been since my own little girl (now a sophomore at UNT) had her FS. LynnB


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