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Flying High Now

No, not like Rocky. Literally, flying high. Army of Dad and I got to fly up in Zebra Air in a zebra-striped helicopter over the Trinity River Audubon Center in Dallas for an article I was writing about the Texas Horse Park (which is in the planning stages.) The THP sounds like fun. Equestrian competitions, riding trails and the ability for young people to come volunteer there in exchange for horsemanship instruction. Very cool.It was so much fun. I had never been in a helicopter before, so I was a little nervous anticipating it. But, once I was in there, it was awesome.
The view from the copter of the Great Trinity Forest. Those are my shoes and the clear floor from where I was sitting! Wasn't bad after the first shock of seeing through the floor!
My handsome hubby was a natural. But, he had been in open helicopters in the Army. 
The Trinity River Audubon Center from the copter. Really neat place to visit. I plan to take the kids this summer.
The critters were everywhere. It was really pretty.
My own critter tried to take a bit of me, too. But, overall, really pretty scenery.

This is for AMJ who hassled me for not posting very often any more.


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