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Silver Arch to Golden Arches

Summer brought a mini-family reunion up to the Indianapolis suburbs. Along the way, we stopped and had some other fun, too. We visited what is reportedly the world's largest McDonalds (at 29k SF). Not that impressive to be honest. You can see the peeling paint on the right hand side of the arches, the gift store was really bad ... unimpressed.
This was probably the neatest feature - sitting over the tolled highway while eating french fries and burgers.
Getting to see the Arch in St. Louis was a highlight of the trip. Pickle and I were scared to death to go up there, but I managed to mask my fear to reassure the other kids and try to reassure Pickle, but to no avail. He was miserable, but sucked it up and did it, for which I'm very proud.
Of course, my two daredevils were climbing right up to the observation windows and scaring the bejeezers out of me.
 I even documented my visit to the top.
And, loved taking pictures out the window, too.


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