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At least we beat the Yankees

My beloved Rangers at least brought the World Series to Texas for the first time. So, I'll take what I can get. I'm celebrating my 42nd birthday today and I'm so happy to be 42. Every year I add another year is a blessing and after having scares in my life leading me to wonder if I'd ever make 42, I'll take it with the wrinkles and fading eyesight and sore feet. :) I've got a fabulous family - my folks, who traveled up battling race weekend traffic to babysit, so Army of Dad and I could attend a party with lots of friends last night. My wonderful children. The two youngest have pictures for the local Nutcracker production and the youngest and the oldest have karate tournaments today, too. I'm going to miss my eldest's because its right in the middle of the other two's stuff. So, dad has that one under control (I hope). I really don't like days like today, but what can you do? I look forward to a day off to do nothing but watch football. Not sure when that will ever happen. :)

We just got our home mortgage refinanced, which will knock off 4 years of payments and about $30k in interest!!! And, my payments will only go up $3 a month. I'm really pleased about that. Bonus: no house payment in November and December, so its like a birthday and a Christmas present!

I've gotten lots of love from my Facebook friends today. I got a lovely birthday gift from the mom of my former UNT basketball crush (now my SMU basketball crush). It was so sweet, it brought tears to my eyes for that lovely lady to remember me on my birthday. I'm just glad she loves me in spite of me talking about my dreams of her handsome (ok, hot) son. Basketball season won't be the same without him to ogle at every game. *sigh* But, there is basketball and that starts Wednesday!!! I'm so excited.

Gifts, you ask? Well, my handsome hubby paid for me to get my CHL. Hooray. My SIL gave me a book and a Target gift card (I got new slippers, finally.) I got a Dooney & Bourke purse from my parents. Woo hoo! My lovely little girl gave me her Cinderella pillow and a wand and told me to make a wish. I think that might be my favorite gift so far.

Ok, I've got to doll up my beautiful little girl for her close-up. :) This has been a great birthday so far.


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