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Christmas List

If I had more time, I'd start a shopping blog. I was lucky enough to get some promotional giveaways/discounts from the CSN stores and they've been great. The customer service is outstanding and so far, almost all of the shipping has been free. I got several gifts for my nieces and nephews and tried out some slippers for me. It was a style I'm unfamiliar with and upon trying, wasn't a fan. Returning was a breeze and a credit was issued immediately. I can't tell you how wonderful that was. I'm planning to get an overnight bag for my niece for Christmas and think I'll find what I'm looking for at children's luggage.

So far, from CSN, we've bought a bed. Yes, a bed! The 100-pound bed was sent with free shipping and has been great for Pickle. I need to take a picture next time I change the sheets. Since he's a teenager, his room is seldom clean enough for me to want to post a picture. :) We sold his bunkbeds for $75 and used that money to buy the $165 bed. No kidding. That was all it cost. And it is great. I've gotten a coffee grinder, which I love love love. A designer diaper bag that doubles for a laptop bag. I love it because it is stylish without looking like a briefcase. If you need something, the quality and customer service can't be beat. And, I'm so tight, I love the no shipping costs I've been lucky enough to get. And, if you're like me, I have no love for Christmas shopping any more. I find myself doing more and more online. CSN stores are actually getting a little more business from me than Amazon (which was a long-time favorite of mine) this year.


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