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I'm thankful for hot guys

I'm sooo grateful that God saw fit to make such beautiful creatures as Collin Mangrum. However, I've been less than thrilled to NOT see him in UNT Mean Green colors this season. *sigh* But, I do get to go watch him play some minutes for the SMU Mustangs. While Army of Dad grits his teeth to cheer for Collin (but not the Mustangs - that whole rivalry thing that I don't quite get, but whatever), I'll be bouncing on my seat's edge to see him flip that mop of blond/brownish hair as he dribbles down the court. I'm sure we'll see him foul a few times. He's aggressive. Always liked that, too.
This is more what I'm accustomed to seeing (and what I wish I was watching more of!) But, hey. I won't fault the kid for moving on with his life and working toward his goals. I used to fawn over him (ok, I still do. Trust me, whenever I talk to him, I find myself blushing several times - and I never blush!) The whole being friends with his parents makes me feel a little guilty for looking lustily at the boy any more! Maybe that was Mrs. Mangrum's motivation in befriending me. Hmmm. Now, I have something to ponder. Regardless. I'm excited to be going to Moody Coliseum tonight to see Collin play.


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