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Growing up

My kids are growing up so fast. Last summer, right around Labor Day, we updated our boys' rooms. Pickle (with the rock on hand gestures) turned 16 and we were thinking that his bunkbeds were a little too young for him any more.  So, we used a giveaway from the CSN Stores toward a new bed for Pickle. We were able to get him a really nice twin bed frame (with drawers under it - which is nice as he's a big pack rat) for $100. No shipping costs either. It was just what Army of Mom (or the doctor) ordered. We were stoked when it showed up. It only took Army of Dad and Pickle a few hours to get the old bed dismantled and the new one put up. It gave him a ton more room and a more mature appearance to the room. So, when the CSN Stores asked me about another promo, I was stoked. They're wanting to promote their office desks (which I will checking out as my almost 12-year-old desk has seen better days).

CSN Stores has more than 200 online stores where you can find just about anything you need from office desks to fitness equipment or even cute cookware! Today, I bought a pepper grinder on CSN Stores for $10!! Ours has seen better days and I've come to the conclusion that I prefer shopping online to going to the stores and CSN Stores' items have always been high quality, so I know I can trust what I get there. Our coffee grinder purchased last year has been one of my bet purchases yet. Freshly ground coffee is simply the best and I've saved a TON of money not stopping by Starbuck's to pick up a $5 coffee when I can buy a 2.5-lb bag will last me forever! Of course, I asked Pickle to take a picture of his bed for me and in typical teen fashion, it wasn't made. But, hey, it could be worse, I suppose. You can see at least a portion of his floor!


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