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Women (overall) have double standards

There are so many points to back up this title, but I'm going to focus on one in particular. Maybe I felt a twinge of guilt because the description hit home so severely this morning.

Went to the post office to mail about a jillion (ok, 17) ebay packages this morning. As I was pulling away, I noticed a POW/MIA sticker on the back of a car and just glanced at the stud, er, gentleman getting out of the car. I sized that man up and down this way and that and started thinking impure thoughts. Then, it just dawned on me ... if Army of Dad did that I'd probably get mad at him. I started rationalizing in my mind (ok, this is where it gets kind of scary that I'm debating myself in my head and I felt a bit like Gollum and Smeagal, but at no point did I snatch a raw fish from a pond and begin to eat it). *shaking out the cobwebs* I was arguing with myself about what I had just done. Army of Dad does this daily, I'm sure, when he gets an email with a photo of a naked chick on a golf cart or when he sees some cute soccer mom on the soccer fields. What is it hurting for him to look and have a passing impure thought? Absolutely nothing. He loves me and comes home to ME each night, for which I'm grateful.

The point I was trying to make with all of this is that EVERY single female friend of mine, whenever we have gone out and noticed a particularly handsome man, will make a comment or I'll catch her looking at him. But, women (overall, certainly not all of my friends fit this next description) take offense at catching their men looking at another woman or GOD FORBID saying something about another woman. I'm guilty of it, too.

Now, are we really two-faced or do we really have double standards, too? Yes and no. I think much of it is the insecurities women have. We worry about carrying around those 10 (ok 40) extra pounds and being attractive to our men. We worry that they will look at the chicks at Hooter's and want one of those girls rather than us. Ok, so we KNOW they'd rather HAVE one of those girls than us. We worry that they'll leave us for someone younger, prettier, thinner ... the list goes on and on.

What women really need to do is relax and trust their partners. Does he love you? Do you know he loves you? Then trust him until he gives you a reason not to. Are you going to run out and cheat on him simply because the cute boy at the deli smiles at you? Probably not. So, relax when he looks a little too long at the girl behind the counter at Subway. You can look at it this way, if he is fantasizing that you're Amanda Beard, just pretend he is Michael Phelps and both swim your way to the big O!!! Say no to double standards!!

I'm Army of Mom and I approved this message.


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