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You may be a redneck

Army of Dad likes to make fun of stupid Texans. But, he has officially earned redneck status. Not only does he own a passel (how exactly do you spell that?) of firearms, but he also owns a passel of camo clothes. And, I'm not talking about his former Army uniforms. Some of his most valued and treasured Christmas presents from Army of Mom and AOD's parents have been camo gear. What are the odds that one year I buy him a camo backpack for Christmas and he brings one home a few days before Christmas morning. How many people can say that happened to them?

But, when I call him a redneck, it is because he likes to watch hunting shows. AOD cracked a joke about "you may be a redneck when you shoot a buck and are speechless." I laughed and then he said, look, its Jeff Foxworthy and he doesn't know what to say. *shaking my head* What is sadder is that you, too, can own this video.


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