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9/11 anniversary

I knew it was 9/11. But it really didn't hit me until about 7:55 a.m. when WBAP played a brief memorial clip of what happened that fateful morning three years ago. Then it hit me. Sort of like an airplane. All those feelings of fear and anger came rushing back like a punch in the stomach. I was on my way home from the donut store. We have a soccer tournament today and thought it was a special treat to get kolaches and donuts. I went by myself to the store and I'm glad I did. I lost it on the drive home. I stopped to take a picture of Frenchy's truck. Frenchy is a local business man known for his orange work trucks. He has a landscaping business and is very supportive of the local community (despite his country of origin). While I was taking a picture of Frenchy's work truck, I heard it all over again. The description of the plane hitting the first WTC tower. I didn't have to see it to visualize it in my mind. Then, the second hit. Then, the Pentagon and then the calls from loved ones on the airplane that crashed in Pennsylvania. Tell the kids I love them. I love you, they were telling their families.

I almost pulled over because that sick feeling came rushing back. I was openly sobbing as I drove down the road. It all came rushing back to me.

Let's Roll. Terrorists, you have finally messed with the wrong president. Bring it on.


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