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Michael Moore Hates America, etc.

I've been hearing about this movie for a while and it is finally coming out and debuting in Big D this weekend! *in a Hee-Haw style voice* SAL-UTE! I heard about it on WBAP this morning. I just bought tickets online and I'm about to pee my pants I'm so excited!!!! I haven't confirmed a babysitter or Army of Dad's ability to go with me, but I figure I can drag one of my friends to go with me if nothing else and AOD will be stuck with the kids. This is SOOOOOOOO cool!!! I'll be sure to blog all about it. The best part - the filmmaker will be there for Q&A afterwards. How freaking cool is that?????

Check out the site for the movie and its maker, Mike Wilson.

Check out his filmmaker's journal. Cracked me up. He likes American Choppers, too. I wish I had known about the marathon Monday. I would have been watching the shit out of that. I love those guys. Seriously - Mike Sr. and Mikey remind me of Army of Dad and I. We bicker like that, but in the end, we love and respect each other. Ok, most of the time we love and respect each other. Ok, much of the time ...

Still going ADD this morning, but I heard that Delta is going to pull its hub out of DFW International and go from 50-something flights (I had a typo earlier that listed way more, sorry) per day to 21. I used to love Delta because of an old joke relating to the highjackings when I was a kid. The joke was that Delta was actually an acronym for Don't Even Let Them Aboard. I always loved that. But,I am still blaming much of the airline industry's downfall on themselves and their unions (sorry 4 of 5 - I know your hubby is in an airline union and you know I still love both you guys). But, unions are going to price businesses out of business by jacking up wages and benefits that aren't the marketplace. I know, I know, maybe they can influence the marketplace, but I don't think so. Just keeps me from being able to afford to fly or buy a new car. But, the biggest brunt of the blame is on the pig-fucking terrorists who keep those who can afford airline tickets off the airplanes.

Every time Army of Dad has had to fly for work, I get butterflies in my stomach and start feeling sick for the widows of 9/11. It literally makes me sick to think about it. I will wind up throwing up if I spend too much time considering it. My mom wants to take my oldest (who will be 10 in four days, by the way) on a flight. He has flown four times - all before he was 6 months old - but he is excited to get a chance to take a day trip (maybe to visit his cousins in Georgia for a day). But, you know what is even sicker? I've been dwelling on this a lot lately since the anniversary is coming up this Saturday - but my middle son, Zoom Zoom, was a little over 2 when the towers fell, the Pentagon was under attack and the heroes saved another landmark by crashing in Pennsylvania. He refuses to get on an airplane and told his Granny that he didn't want to crash into a building. I wish I was making that up. I didn't think a 2-year-old could really absorb the gravity of what was happening and I let him curl up in my lap and watch 9/11 coverage that day and the days following. He used to ask me at bedtime for MONTHS if a plane was going to hit our house. We'd be in Albertson's and he'd hear a plane flying over the building (our home is in one of the flight path's for DFW and planes fly really low someitmes) and he'd ask me if it was going to hit the store. About a month after 9/11 we went to air show at Alliance Airport in Fort Worth (where American Airlines has a service facility) and they had one of their passenger airplanes there for visitors to walk in and look around. He was 2 1/2 at this point and he looked at me and said "Mommy, that is one of the planes that crashed into the building." There were planes everywhere. A Fed Ex plane, military aircraft, you name it ... he didn't make this observation about any of those. He looked and pointed at the American plane and told me that. My poor baby will be effected by this for the rest of his life. My oldest was torn up at the time, but he doesn't seem to have the residual effects that his little brother has.

I'll be reflecting more this week and sharing my memories and photos of 9/11 stuff. But, I just have to add that I'm glad W was our president when this happened. He hasn't sat back and waited for more terrorist attacks. He has gone to meet them on their home field. Meet them where they live and fuck them up. I like that way of thinking. And, guess what? They haven't been back to the USA since, have they? They're scared of us. They know that they can no longer intimidate us. Threaten me and I may cower. You threaten my way of life and you fuck with my children and you better be ready for the Mama Grizzly Bear to come after you and make you wish you'd never been born.

I'm Army of Mom and I approved this message.


  • At 11:31 AM, September 09, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sorry AOM, but airline unions are not the downfall of the airline industry. Do you want a qualified, licensed mechanic working on your plane, or someone plucked off the street with zero credentials?
    Remeber, it was the UNION employees who gave up a huge chunk of their hard-earned pay so American Airlines could save millions of dollars. But it was the NON UNION president and his executive cronies that made hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay each year and even more in stock options. Did they have to give up any money? HELL NO.
    Therefore, it's not the union employees that's driving the airline industry into the toilet, it's the way the executive a-holes run the business.
    American Airlines has more managers, directors and supervisors than any company would EVER need. Hubby's base used to run very smoothly with one head honcho, and two supervisors. AA in all of its stupidity now has dozens of managers and supervisors on the base. Has it helped? No. It's made things worse and it's costing the company more money. Is that the union employees' fault? No. That's execs making STUPID decisions, as usual.
    Besides not doing a good job running its business, American (and other airlines) are suffering from fuel costs. Is that the fault of the unions? Absolutely not.
    I am the proud wife of a union employee and I approved this message.
    Unions: the people who brought you weekends.

  • At 3:46 PM, September 09, 2004, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    I expected that response and kudos to you for voicing your reasons for supporting unions. I always like it when dissenting opinions from mine can shore up their beliefs with some kind of meat. Doesn't change my mind. I think unions had their time and did incredible things to help our workers today. I just think their time is past and that more harm than good comes out of it today. It is silly, indeed, to have a bunch of chiefs and only a few Indians. But, companies should be able to hire who they want and pay them the wages they want to pay them. As employees, if we aren't getting paid what we feel we deserve, go look for another job. It is also up to us, as consumers, to decide whether we trust that airlines because we know they employ licensed professionals to maintain the airplanes or if we know that they hire any old schmoe to do it and their service isn't so reliable. I genuinely do think we can give lots of credits to unions for helping the workplace be safer and have benefits, fair wages, etc. But, I think the time is past for that.

  • At 10:34 PM, September 09, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    There have been a great number of crashes due to pilot error, improper maintenence, and bad cargo loading. Correct me if I am wrong, but those are all union jobs. Please tell me how that is any better than some shmoe off the street. I agree with Army of Mom, unions had a place in our society, 100 years ago. Now if we could just export unions to some overseas countries...

    Airlines are helping cause their own problems. Bad management decisions are everywhere you look. Fuel costs are not helping. The unions should have taken a pay cut as their pay was over what would have been the market were the employers free to hire/fire at will.

    In my opinion unions are pricing themselves out of jobs...and people wonder why jobs go overseas. A free market is like water, it will find its own level. If you prop it up with a rickety dam, watch out for the flood.

    Army of Dad


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