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WWJKD - What would John Kerry Do?

This was a post by my Fantasy Football League commissioner (ok, just one of my fantasy football leagues, I'm in two. We draft in the other one tomorrow). He accepted my suggestion of renaming the league to the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. I love it. I wonder if we have any liberals in our group? If we do, they're keeping their mouths shut. ;)

Ken had been talking about the hippy protesters at the RNC and then followed up his comment with this:

In reality, John Kerry has changed my life. Now, before I do anything, I always stop and ask myself WWJKD (what would John Kerry do?). I've been spending a lot more time flirting with rich women. I am continuously posturing. My hair looks nicer. I'm thinking about Botox. I'm still checking into seeing if I can be a war hero some way. I have avoiding taking a stance on anything unless of course I take a stance in which case I don't really take a stance unless I do. I'm thinking about a run for Senate. Just need to iron out that war hero thing. This ad paid for by Ken Beishir for US Senate '08.

Now, that is funny. I don't care who you are.


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