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Ring of Honor

Two Dallas Cowboys greats - Cliff Harris and Rayfield Wright - will be inducted into the Ring of Honor at Texas Stadium on Oct. 10 (while AoD and I will be in Houston watching the Vikings kick the Texans' collective ass).

I watched these guys as a little kid. Back in the old days of the 70s, McDonald's would put out a team poster every year of America's Team. Don't know if they did it everywhere or what, but in the Metroplex, I could count on getting a new one each year and I had them plastered over my wall behind my bedroom door. I think I had four years up there at one time. It was great to be a Cowboys fan then. I was too young to know about Rafael Septien's taste for his daughters school-girl friends and I didn't know about the dudes snorting up lines ... all I knew was that the Cowboys were my favorite team and my dad wore a Tom Landry hat.

My parents even have a bathroom decorated exclusively in Cowboys stuff. AoD finds that appropriate since he thinks the team is shitty, but I think it just goes to show our dedication to our Cowboys.


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