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The disregard of CBS

CBS and Rather released a statement about the whole messy fake memo thing, but they still don't accept responsibility for their part in all this. Instead they throw Burkett under the bus and then back up over him. Not that he doesn't deserve it, but any journalist should take into consideration the source of a story before they run with it. I had many opportunities to scoop the competition, but if I couldn't validate information, then it had to wait until I could. I was not going to compromise my ethics for the sake of being first - especially if it turned out to be wrong. I made my fair share of rookie mistakes my first few years as a reporter, but you expect more from Rather and CBS than you do a greenhorn reporter who has only been on the job for a year or two.

Someone sent me information about who Dan Rather's replacement will be.

I love it.

You can find more about him at


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