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Stereotypes make me laugh

I'm a writer and former daily newspaper reporter, so observing people comes naturally to me. Often, stories are enhanced by simply noting what is going on in the environment. You don't tell a story about a wreck caused by rainy weather without noting that the roads are slick, lights are on (or off) etc.

I also have a real issue with being surprised that people don't think the way I do. I tend to think I'm a fairly reasonable, considerate, every day kind of person. So, I am often shocked when my good friends have differing political opinions. It always throws me off. Lately, I've been doing a superbly unscientific survey whenever I see a Kerry/Edwards support sign or bumper sticker. I've been paying extra attention to look at what these people look like. I have to admit it is making me giggle.

I hate stereotypes, for the most part, although I find that most of them are based on some piece of truth. Saw a male stripper once who lived up to that one about black guys, but that is another blog entry for another day. Very enlightening. Muslim men make up the majority of terrorists out there. Rednecks like Nascar. Do I need to give more examples? You get what I'm saying here. My thesis on Kerry supporters - now we're talking about the ones who are devoted enough to put signs in their yards or bumper stickers on their cars - tend to fit the stereotype of the far left. Sitting at Sonic the other day and the car that pulled up next to me sports a long-haired college student. At Target today, two homosexual men getting into a car with a Kerry sticker on it. Driving home from the soccer fields and found a yard with an earth-mama looking lady working out there in her birkenstocks with I'm sure her organic flowers. One guy always seems to be in front of me at the pick-up line every day at the elementary school and he cracks me up, too. He is driving this pollutant-emitting van from the late 70s with his Kerry sticker on his car next to the sticker for the local public broadcasting station.

Again, very unscientific, but most of the people sporting W stickers look pretty suburban to me driving pretty nice cars likes SUVs or minivans.


Courtesy of LGF ... a link to the new Swift Boat Vets for Truth ad that is causing such a stir. It is simply Kerry talking about tossing his ribbons and medals back in 71 and again in 04. However, the stories are a little different. It is a 30-second spot and worth watching.


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