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Blog Revolution

Everyone seems to be so surprised that blogs are so popular, but when we are faced with a mainstream media that won't cover both sides of an issue, it is fabulous to have a place to get information.

Quote from the story from Editor and Publisher:
Although editors from four major dailies contend that their product remains the most trusted source of news for most readers, they admit the blogging community is offering competition and provoking even more skepticism of the mainstream media than usual. But they are divided on whether or not this is a positive trend or not.

Of course they are questioning whether it is positive or not, they want to be the all-knowing listen-to-me-or-else medium. We see analysis disguised as news, political cartoons that are pointed every day in one direction ... I could go on and on.

As Michael Wilson said: Viva La!!! Thanks to the many bloggers that I read every day.


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