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Home with the sickies

The boys are recovering and *knock on wood* the baby is still not sick. Child No. 2 REALLY wanted to go to school this morning, so after letting the kids sleep in I thought I'd take him to school. So, we all get ready and trek that way. I stop by the school nurse who informs us that he must be fever-free for a full 24 hours before he can return to school. This started the crying jag that lasted about 30 minutes. Interspersed with the crying were "I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL!" I'm glad he loves school that much, but didn't make for a happy mom this morning. I went ahead and got their work and we'll get going on that. Child No. 2 (who wanted to go to school) has already done one of his worksheets. The oldest keeps moaning about having to do his work. Lovely.

I think I'll take the children with me for early voting this morning and let them see the election process up close and personal.


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