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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


The planets must be aligned OR Chuck E. Cheese is in the equation

The boys were talking nicely to one another. Pickle patted his little brother on the head and then Little Brother offered one of his cookies to Pickle.

*suspicious look on my face*

I really like it when you boys are nice to each other.

We're being really nice to each other right now, mom, the oldest says to me.

Then he adds the kicker:

See, we really want to go to Chuck E. Cheese tonight.

Ah, the power of crappy pizza, cheap prizes and electronic joy.


  • At 11:50 PM, October 22, 2004, Blogger Astrosmith said…

    Man I hate Chuck E Cheese's. Especially when I have had to take the kids there for another kid's birthday party. Yuck. It's too loud, too crowded, just altogether crappy. I'd rather have a b-day party at the house.

  • At 4:15 PM, October 24, 2004, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Chuck E. Cheese doesn't bother me. I just hate chasing the toddler around.


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