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Another Manic Monday

Haven't found my muse to blog about today. It is cold and rainy - AGAIN. I have plenty to do today, but don't want to do any of it. I'll have to kick start myself pretty soon.

We're going to be all soccered out this week. Army of Dad has a coaches' meeting tonight, practice tomorrow and Thursday and another coaches' meeting on Friday. Then, we play three games on Saturday. If the boys advance, we'll play in Sunday, too. Then, we are done with soccer till February.

I go back Tuesday for a repeat pap smear to see if the pre-cancerous cells were demolished with the cryosurgery a few months ago. Then, I'll go a whole two weeks more before I have any further procedures done. My bone spur surgery is set for Dec. 22. So, I'm trying to get lots of things done between now and then since I'll be off my feet for a while.

Off to get a sweatshirt on and fold up some laundry. Once Little Bit takes her nap, I'll start working on my next story assignment - better rub down the goose bumps. I'm writing about garden flags and banners this time.


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