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I swear to God, am I the only person who can multitask? I just called a garden center. I'm doing a stupid story about how to keep product displays fresh for a particular item. Honestly, it takes about 10 minutes to do the interview and I tell the person that up front. I called one place and the woman was doing some flowers for a wedding and said she can't talk. What? Are you incapable of balancing a phone on your shoulder and talk while you form the flowers with your hands? I mean, come on? I can change a diaper, change channels on the TV, carry on a business conversation on the phone while fixing dinner and about a dozen other things simultaneously? I really hate people right now.

And, I hate garden center retailers sometime ... they can't take 10 minutes ... 10 LOUSY minutes for a brief phone interview. We're too busy. You can't talk to me while you eat your lunch? You can't let me call after the store has closed or before? No, we're just way too busy this time of year. Whatever. I can almost always MAKE 10 minutes for someone if I need to.

Good grief. I'm out the door to run a few errands before driving 60 miles one way and getting my mom and turning around and coming home. Then I'll have to finish more errands. We have our Tournament of Champions tomorrow and I will be busy all day with it. My mom is coming to help with the children. I am making an hour for myself today to get a much needed massage. I think I'm going to need it way too much after this.


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