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Who/what were you in a previous life?

Not that I believe in that crap, but it is funny to take these goofy little quizzes to see what it says. My parents would agree with this one. I have a wanderlust that is pretty insatiable. Within my first five years after graduating from college, I had lived in four different cities from East Texas to Oklahoma, then to West Texas and back to Central Texas before I finally ended up in North Texas. This the longest I've lived in one place since I have been an adult.

You were a vagabond in your previous life! You have
an insatiable wanderlust and can't seem to tell
why. In your last life, you traveled
extensively - whether it was for your line of
work, or for personal enjoyment, you now cannot
stand to be stationary. You'll never be happy
settling, and you'll always need to feel far
off. The world is indeed small for you.

What/who were you in your previous life?


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