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We are going to have our first freeze of the season tonight. I guess that isn't a bad run of late fall if we can wait till Nov. 30 to Dec. 1 for our first cold snap of the season. My kids were all bundled up and even Little Bit didn't fret when I carried her this morning with a blanket around her legs. Usually she is fussing at me to put her down and let her walk, not today. I think even the 2-year-old knew better!

Funny how things bother me until something else smacks me upside the head to wake me up. I have a birthmark/mole, beauty mark, whatever you want to call it , but an ugly brown bump on my right cheek. It didn't show up till I was in college and I hate it, but because it is harmless, insurance won't pay to remove it. Little Bit calls it my booboo. I don't know what the deal is with it, but it has sprouted a new part of it and I've been battling with REALLY feeling sorry for myself over this insignificant small portion of my face. I'm just vain enough that it troubles me greatly, but not much I can do about it, so I try to ignore it. Today, though, it is bugging me.

Then, I get an email from a dear friend of mine. I never knew it, but her husband is adopted. He was removed from his home and bounced around foster homes till he was 3 and adopted by his parents. He is in a search now and may have located his birth mother. He isn't all that interested in her, but he had three brothers he has never known and that is who he wants to find. Amazing how my stupid mole doesn't bother me quite as much when I think about the butterflies in his stomach (and my friend's) at what it might be like to talk to this woman and discover so many things about his life and early childhood that he never knew. What a Christmas blessing it would be for him to find his brothers!

Off to freeze my keester off for a few more errands. One of the magazines I wrote for was supposed to print my story this month and I was getting more and more disappointed thinking it wasn't there because I was looking for it in the back of the magazine. I finally found it - close to the front! Whew! Made me feel better. Also lets me know a check should arrive in my mailbox shortly! Just in time for Christmas.


  • At 11:34 AM, November 30, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Don't want to worry you and you probably already know this but if a mole is growing aka sprouting new parts that is a bad sign and should probably be checked - specially since you've had cancer really should just be cautious. I've always heard if they grow in size at all to check them immediately.
    In fact here is a website that says this very thing

    Sorry girl....go now please.
    Love ya, grneyes

  • At 7:32 PM, November 30, 2004, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Ok, ok, ok ... I'll go.


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