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Crazy for You

Good Lord. Some people get their knickers in a wad over the damnedest things. My mom is certifiably nuts and this doesn't bother me. My brother has checked himself into a rehab thing. Still, this doesn't offend me. I think it is pretty cute.

Evidently, the Vermont Teddy Bear Company created the Crazy for You Bear for Valentine's Day. But, apparently, this is really offensive to mental health professionals and even the governor of Vermont. People are raising a stink over it, but you know what it is going to do, right? It will make people who would never give $71 for a teddy bear, get online and buy one for their lovey this Valentine's Day to send a big middle finger to people who are so oversensitive in our PC world.

Thankfully, the makers of the straitjacket-wearing teddy bear said they will continue selling the item.

Maybe it would be offensive if it was drooling and spelled the words wrong or came with a threat like a stalker. However, the Valentine's message comes with a “Commitment Report” stating “Can’t Eat, Can’t Sleep, My Heart’s Racing. Diagnosis – Crazy for You!” I think that is cute.


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