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Shrek marathon

Since we've been hanging around the house today, we've been having a backwards Shrek marathon. We started off with Shrek 3D and then Shrek 2 and now we're on the first Shrek DVD. I'm going to miss making my business calls with Shrek and Donkey in the background.

I've been getting a little bit of work done. My sources aren't calling back as quickly as I'd like them to, but I'm getting the calls made. Got my 2004 taxes started. Of course, I don't have my W2 for AoD and I don't have the 1099 thingees I get for doing freelance either. So, I'm getting started on doing all those other parts that I can do. I use Turbo Tax to do it and it is awesome. We were paying about $350 a year to this gross old fat disabled farting CPA guy to do them for us. In 2001, they flubbed them up. They pay some stupid girl minimum wage to e-file and she had Pickle's SSN entered wrong. Thing is, they kept lying to me saying this and that, etc, etc. I finally went up there and confronted them and told them, this is the problem. But, they insisted to me that it wasn't. Well, I told them to give me my money back and I went downtown to the Fort Worth IRS office and talked to an IRS guy who said that was, indeed, the problem. *sigh* So much for that money for professional services. So, I did get my money back and an extra $50 I think. Filed the taxes in 2002 and 2003 using the Turbo Tax. The first year it cost me about $60, last year about $54 and this year the price went down again. So, not too bad. It is just sort of scary - the gal who has a hard time balancing a checkbook and paying bills on time is filing small business taxes. Yikes. Say a few Hail Marys for me tonight.

I'm going to miss my Shrek marathons.


  • At 9:41 PM, January 18, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I have been doing my own taxes for 18 years. If you have any questions, call me!


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