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Its all in how you feel (or who's feeling you)

When I saw the doctor yesterday, he pronounced my foot to be well on its way to healing. He cautioned me against doing too much or else I could undo all the work we put into it.

But, I got the lecture again: Lose weight. It will help the foot, it will help my health, etc. etc.

I know this. I really do. I have some plans for things to do.

But, days like today, I don't feel that fat. I bought some new pants (since my SAHM wardrobe consisted of jeans and sweats) and they're those sort of low-rise pants, so I have to wear my g-string panties with them in case they show. And, darnit, I feel downright sexy today. Chunky or not.

Didn't hurt that I had to walk the construction site with my supervisor. Construction guys are good for the ego. Plus, at least one out of every five is pretty hot. I love the short-sleeved shirts, so I could see the biceps flexing as they're carrying lumber or something. *purring*

I've noticed what a perv I am, though. I don't tend to notice guys my age or older, only the young ones - 30 and under. I'm a dirty old woman.


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