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I am absolutely helpless when it comes to technology.

I hate the automated cashier things at the grocery store. I always get fussed at by the machine for not doing something right, then the cashier who has to look at your receipt usually fusses at me for not going over there. Whatever.

This morning, I had to fax my birth certificate to the HR lady for my company and I have to put the speaker on, dial 9 before the number, hit my long distance code, then make sure I'm faxing the papers with the right side facing the right way. I would up apologizing to the fax machine when it fussed at me about doing something the wrong way. Another guy in the supply room was laughing at me for apologizing to the fax machine.

I finally had to have the office manager show me how to answer my new work cell phone this morning. I was having to go through some menu of options to figure out how to answer it. She looks at me sort of like 'gees, you're stupid' and then showed me how to do it.

Army of Dad is constantly irritated at me because I can't work the thermostat in our house and don't even get me started about programming a VCR.


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