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Sensitivity training is in order

My boss just came up to me and apologized for Mr. $50 prostitute guy.

The boss wasn't able to attend the get-to-know-you meeting last Friday, but two of the company's execs were there in his stead. Evidently someone told my boss about this dude's lack of tact, so he came to apologize to me this morning and thank me for handling it appropriately. I told him I knew I was coming to work with guys in the construction industry and it is no big deal. He said he figured I could handle it since I used to work in newsrooms and with cops. My public relations supervisor laughed when I regaled him with this story because he said "what? You said stuff worse than that to me yesterday!"

He was right. I did tell him that I missed my mouse at home with the wheel in the middle. I told him I probably look like I'm trying to finger my mouse with my middle finger caressing it where there is no wheel. He coughed and then laughed once it sank in what I was saying.

Note to self: No more fingering comments to my supervisor.

But, on a funnier note. The assistant supervisor ... lots of people I work for. Can you tell I'm a simple minion? Anyway. Her daughter's soccer coach is Italian and doesn't have a great grasp of the English language yet. He sent her an email to call the parents and make sure that the girls knew about an indoor practice they would do at a gym. He told her to "make sure the girls bring their clits and shin gards."

Yikes. Most girls I know have their clits with them all the time and why do 9-year-olds need them for soccer practice? lol

We laughed hysterically at that. Now, I tell the asst supervisor that I have brought my clit for our meeting. Not near as much fun without the Italian soccer coach, though.


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