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No excuses

This coming Saturday, Army of Dad and I have to go vote for a municipal bond election. We feel like our city government has not been good stewards of our tax dollars, so we'll likely vote no for it. Regardless, we feel like we don't have much room to bitch about the government if we don't get out and vote our mind. Just our opinions.

I was listening to ABC news on the radio a few days ago and this Iraqi couple said they were going to vote at different times of the day. Why? So, if something happened to one of them, their children would still have one remaining parent. Wow. Those are some people dedicated and committed to seeing democracy work in their country. I think there are more people like this in Iraq than those who are fighting the Americans.

ADDITION TO ORIGINAL POST: Gadfly explains beautifully what this election means. I couldn't have said it better.

Tonight, the President will make his state of the union address to the nation. I'm sure his critics will get after him in full force, but I will continue to support him.


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