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Its gettin hot in herre

Fever will make it nice and stifling. Poor little Stinkerbelle has had a 102 fever all weekend. The only time it was better was with Motrin or Tylenol. That seemed to help, but you could tell as soon as the stuff wore off. Bless her little heart.

Her left ear is infected and we are now on $40 augmentin. It wasn't the $10 generic because the mg count didn't fit in with the insurance company's formulary. *rolling my eyes* It makes me so mad. Anyway. I wasn't going to make her wait until today to start the prescription, so I bitched and paid for it last night. She is already better. She goes back and forth, but all morning she has been beebopping around the house with this little half-hop thing that she does and saying either "ho, ho, ho" over and over or alternating that with "baybee, baybee, baybee" or the alphabet. She can't do it in order, but she brings me the letters from her LeapFrog toy and tells me what they are.

Maybe one more day at home will help her recuperate. So, if she is still iffy in the morning, I'll stay one more day. I have to go work this afternoon, so Army of Dad will be Mr. Mom today. He is taking off at lunch to stay with her and then pick up the boys and coach a soccer game tonight for Hot Rod. Poor Boo was going to go see his dad, but he has to stay and go to the soccer fields to help with Stinkerbelle. I couldn't find a sitter anywhere and I exhausted all of my possibilities. So, I have to work this evening and Boo is stuck babysitting his sister at the soccer fields. I would have rather her not had to go out there, but we're in a bind and out of options. So, I may stay with her tomorrow and let her rest. I have to be back at work on Thursday.


  • At 11:48 AM, March 08, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    If only it were so simple. Where is Madam Pomfrey with some magical healing when we need her? Oh yeah, she's at Hogwarts and we're in Texas. Wah!


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