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Git along little dogie

The kids had a ball at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History last week. Boo is too big to want to play in the little kids section downstairs, so he and my mom stayed in the hands-on science experiments section. The little kids went downstairs and played for a while and then we went upstairs and played in an Old West hands-on area. The kids loved pretending to be on a cattle drive with a chuckwagon and campfire, pretend horse and Cowboy dress up clothes. Great fun was had by all!

Here's the T-Rex about to get Granny and the kisd when we arrived. We played at Mickey D's before going to the museum.

Cowboy Hot Rod with his Batman hat on sideways. Goofy kid.

Whoo doggies ... she has on a cowboy hat and is leaning back for this bucking bronc. How cute is that?

Stinkerbelle got pretty tired later on in the day. Here she is a little later with a different hat and horse, and her brothers.

Not sure what the experiment was here, but he would yell in one end and then hear it in the other.

We had so much fun. We saw the Aliens of the Deep Imax movie. No 3-D here, but the boys loved it. Stinkerbelle crashed about five minutes in. It wasn't bad this time. I managed to stay awake for most of it, this time. ;)


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