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Round-house kick

Well, Booboy didn't win his sparring match. I think he got REALLY nervous because for the last three weeks, he hasn't lost a sparring match at karate classes/practice. We're talking five or six sparring matches each practice and he never lost. Uzz has several great pictures here that show him looking a wee bit nervous.

We arrived at 3:30 and he got lined up about 3:45 and then didn't start sparring till about 4:25 p.m. and I think he just got more and more nervous as we sat there waiting. There was one REALLY funny part of the pre-event festivities. They lined up the boys, ages 9-12, in one group. This one child was HUGE. I mean freaking.gigantic.huge. The kid was 10, like my kid, but he was as big as me height wise and I'm 5'2. He probably weighed 200 pounds. I'm not exagerating. What was really funny was that one of the karate coaches was lining boys up by age and size and the kids that were standing next to this giant kid were looking scared shitless. I wish I could have gotten a picture of their faces. It was hysterical. I laughed my ass off. Funniest part - the giant kid lost his match. Just goes to show that size isn't everything.

My mom and dad came to see the boy compete. This is before the child got really nervous with all that waiting.
Here is my son looking REALLY anxious before his match. My kid is in the white astronaut helmet. This kid in the black is the one who beat him. He's a few inches taller than my kiddo.

Here it goes:

Kiddo gets a point here. He lost 3-1.

He was pretty disappointed at first, but we managed to help him rebound. I was thinking that giving each child a trophy - whether they won or lost - was a bad idea as I was walking up. That is - until - my son got his consolation trophy. He is VERY proud of it. He was telling me he was happy to have his first karate trophy. So, maybe it isn't such a bad idea. We talked a bit about being nervous and how to overcome that. I hope that since he got the first real match out of the way that he'll get better. He has his belt test this coming Friday.

Here, the trophy's karate guy gives Boo a kick in the smacker.

Boo and Uzz. Below, Boo and Army of Mom. Army of Dad was reffing soccer games today. I got a sitter for the little ones.

What a smile. He got special recognition during the pre-match events for being one of the kids there on the "A team" for getting all As and less than two Bs on his last report card. He's got an A Team patch to go on his uniform now.


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